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Leaders seek to make a difference in the world. They drive innovation and growth and they energise other people to deliver results. Being a leader in practice can be exciting and fulfilling, but it can also be daunting and stretching. I support people as they embrace this challenge, helping them thrive and maximise their leadership impact.
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My services

I work as a trusted partner with my clients as they think through the issues they face in their business activities and relationships. More fundamentally, I guide them in developing their own distinctive leadership approach, based on their personal values, passions and talents.

The unusual blend of commercial, leadership and coaching experience I bring enables me to contribute towards what they need to do in their roles, as well as who they aspire to be as leaders.

The roles I typically play for clients include:

  • one-to-one personal coaching and mentoring
  • leadership team coaching and facilitation
  • delivery of leadership development programmes
  • keynote conference speeches

Examples of my recent assignments include helping:

  • the CEO of a national charity to handle the challenges of the Covid pandemic
  • the Founder of a tech start-up to navigate rapid business growth
  • the CEO of a consumer goods business to clarify their strategic priorities and engage their leadership team
  • the Marketing Director of a large entertainments company to develop a clearer sense of their leadership purpose and style


The Inspired Leader

Find out how leaders can discover, experience and maintain their personal inspiration by reading my book, The Inspired Leader.

This is a wonderful book…a celebration of humanity.”

Professor Alison Hardingham, Henley Business School

Powerful, timely and unique.”

Matt Shattock, Chairman and CEO, Beam Suntory Inc.

I wish I had read this book 40 years ago.”

General Sir Peter Wall, former Chief of the General Staff, British Army
The Inspired Leader book


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The Inspired Leader podcast series is run in partnership with The Marketing Society and shares interviews with people from many fascinating walks of life. Its aim is to explore what we can learn from the ways they fuel their inspiration as leaders.


If you would like to explore how I might support you and your leadership team, I'd be delighted to hear from you.

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