The Inspired Leader

A great deal of attention is paid to the importance of leaders inspiring other people. But how do leaders discover and maintain the inspiration they need first – for themselves?

The Inspired Leader helps you explore your own answers to this question. What is it that lifts your spirit and motivation as a leader? And how can you enjoy this invigorating experience more intensely and frequently over the course of your life?

The book is based on research into the experiences of leaders from many different walks of life. It combines insights from their personal stories with those from the latest behavioural science, thereby providing an uplifting guide for anyone seeking a more inspired life as a leader.

A highly relevant and compelling read whatever your level of experience.”

Carolyn Fairbairn, Director-General, Confederation of British Industry

As a young professional, this book has made me question my own perception of 'success’.”

Yiannis Georgiou, Associate, PwC

The practical reflective exercises at the end of each chapter give the book a real feel that you are sitting in on a masterclass.  Inspirational reading.”

Paul Heardman, Leadership Coach & Coaching Supervisor, Civil Service

I highly recommend this essential, purposeful work.”

Leena Nair, Chief HR Officer, Unilever

Inspiring and bold. Andy Bird demonstrates how we can be at our best more of the time. Leadership at its best.”

Gemma Greaves, Chief Executive, The Marketing Society.
The Inspired Leader book