Client Testimonials

I have had the pleasure of working with senior clients in a wide range of blue chip multinational organisations, as well as in smaller companies, start-ups and in more independent personal circumstances.

Working with Andy one-to-one gave me a sense of being grounded, which was really important in times when things were ambiguous or big decisions needed to be made. His broad perspective and gentle interrogation style enabled me to crystallise issues and solutions. I also felt a better version of me emerged at the end of our sessions: more confident, more anchored, more appreciative of my own aptitude.

I valued the unobtrusive way in which Andy took time to get to know me as a person. I have reflected that when working with him, I often had some of my best ideas and, importantly, the conviction to see them through.”

Chief Executive Officer, Consumer Goods Business

If you have the opportunity to work with Andy, take it! He listens carefully, guides gently, and is never far away from surfacing the things that matter. He’s also been there and done it himself – so you’re spending time with someone who has led and inspired others.”

Chief Executive Officer, Technology Consultancy

Andy is a very approachable, open and perceptive coach. He is insightful, without being judgmental. Over two years, we have worked on a broad range of topics, issues and challenges that I face at work. Andy is always able to bring it back to my personal leadership purpose, how I partner with others, and the numerous ways in which I might unknowingly self-sabotage. He is accessible and always willing to act as a sounding board. I continue to benefit from having his unbiased counsel and challenge.”

General Manager, Energy Company

It has been my pleasure to engage Andy as a coach over the last two years. I have found Andy’s advice to be invaluable in helping me navigate career and personal challenges and decisions. Andy has an extremely effective, down-to-earth style that creates an environment of trust. His extensive experience across different sectors and his network of contacts is  incredibly impressive, yet he does not trade on these and is ever the pragmatist in dealing with dilemmas.”

Chief Marketing Officer, High Street Retailer

Over the last eight months, Andy has helped me adjust to a board level position and consolidate my inner confidence. He has helped me break my habitual cycle of thought-patterns and see challenges from a fresh, more constructive point of view. Always sensitive to my needs, Andy listens carefully and offers insightful advice. I would highly recommend working with him.”

Executive Marketing Director, Higher Education